Yoga for your
body and mind.


Hi. I'm Melissa.

I’d love for you to join me in bringing peace and balance to your body and mind through yoga. 

Join me for a group class, private session, or corporate wellness. 

"I don't know how you do it but your classes are always different, dynamic and absolutely perfect medicine for me! Thank you!"

"You're a genius and have such an artistic approach to giving us the most amazing classes. Thank you. We were all talking about how incredible your style and classes are."

"Your classes are always dynamic and different and manage to hit all the marks for me: body, mind and spirit. I'm grateful for my weekly practice with you!"

Yoga, Powell River BC

Group Yoga

Improve your postures, release stress, and come back to your breath and body.​

I offer group yoga through Elements Movement in the Townsite (5813 Ash Ave, Powell River BC) 

I am currently offering Hatha yoga on Monday mornings, Slow Flow on Tuesday evenings, and Vinyasa on Friday mornings and Prenatal yoga at various times. See Elements website for up to date schedule and rates.

Prenatal Yoga

A nourishing opportunity to connect to your body and growing baby.

I offer Prenatal Yoga classes, designed to support you and your growing baby. Mindful breathing and accessible movements are the foundations for this class, as well as the opportunity to connect with a community!

These classes help release inhibition, and enhance intuition through subtle guidance of the body’s energy – linking mind, body and breath.

These series run at various times through out the year. Email to inquire about current classes. Private group & 1 on 1 classes available.

Yoga, Powell River BC

Private Yoga

A safe, fun space to take the first few steps into the practice of yoga.​

Do you feel anxious at the idea of stepping into a yoga studio, but know that you want to start? Or you have been to class settings, but want to understand the practice better?

Private yoga classes offer you the ability to settle the nerves in the beginning stages of yoga as well as learn foundations to gain confidence in a classroom setting.

I get it, learning anything new can be scary. I’ll provide you a safe, fun space to take the first few steps into the practice of yoga, so you can see for yourself the incredible benefits of bringing it into your life!

Sessions can be held at Elements Movement or a location of your choosing.

Corporate Wellness

Yoga, Powell River BC

For a healthier, happier, more productive work force. ​

Corporate Wellness is a growing necessity in the workplace. Without a doubt, calm and supported staff = happier, healthier, and more productive work environment.

I provide yoga classes and wellness workshops to suit your work place and tailor them to fit your business’ needs. I’ve facilitated full and half day sessions for the District of North Vancouver, Invest Vancouver along with various other groups and businesses.

 Class lengths can vary depending on need.
Email to inquire about pricing.

"Melissa teaches with the kind of presence and compassion that makes one feel truly seen."

She brings a light hearted joy to the practice of yoga, unafraid to laugh in the uncomfortable moments, and holds a grounded space that inevitably leads to deep inner exploration. 

Melissa meets everyone exactly where they are without judgment or expectation. On and off the mat, she exudes a peaceful calm and encourages authenticity in all of its forms. 

I am so grateful to have found such a beautiful teacher and would recommend her classes to any and all!

– Miriam Abrams

"My weekly practice with Melissa is my dose of medicine that helps me to be present and mindful in all aspects of my life."

I highly recommend Melissa’s classes and have done so to many friends. What I say to my friends is that Melissa is the best yoga instructor I have ever had.

Her classes and instruction are my favourite out of the 25 years I have been practicing yoga. Her classes are always dynamic and different and manage to hit all of the marks for me: body, mind, and spirit.

I am grateful for my weekly practice with Melissa because it’s my dose of medicine that helps me to be present and mindful in all aspects of my life.

– Meriko Kubota

"Melissa is incredibly knowledgeable about the mind body connection and is very intuitive."

My 1-1 yoga classes with Melissa were both introspective and physically challenging. She totally made my summer!

I took one 60-minute class, per week, over the course of two months. She is incredibly knowledgeable about mind body connection and is very intuitive…always customizing movement sequencing to meet my need for working through injuries and ultimately improving body alignment within the yoga poses.

I found that working with Melissa improved my yoga postures, making me much stronger in my yoga practice.

– Tara S.