Therapy that works for your body and mind.

You've done the talk therapy. You know why you react the way you do.

It all makes logical sense, doesn’t it? You get it. But no amount of  understanding of our patterns seems to change how you feel when you’re faced with ‘that thing’ that sets you off. You still feel the same old way, do the same old thing in reaction, and feel the same old shame about it. Knowing why you do it and not being able to stop it almost makes it worse!

Somatic therapy changes your habitual reactions in a way that talk therapy often can't.

Unfortunately you can’t always think your way out of those sticky emotional reactions and old painful patterns that seem to hang around like flies. That’s because they’re rooted inside a part of your brain that simply isn’t logical. Somatic therapy finds its way past the logical brain and works with the body to get to the core of these old patterns. My clients often say this was the missing puzzle piece after they’d hit a wall in traditional therapy.

Hi. I'm Melissa.

When everything else had failed, I found immense relief in my own patterns of high stress and anxiety thanks to somatic therapy.  I’m passionate about stewarding my clients through the same transformative process. I love providing a respectful, non-judgmental space for you to show up as you are and explore a deeper level that’s required for lasting change.

My ultimate goal is to see you move through the ups and downs of life with more ease, get relief from painful patterns, and feel safe in yourself, the world, and your relationships. I‘m here to help you live the life you know can be true – where laughter, ease, and connection is effortlessly available. I can’t wait to meet you.

"I’ve wanted to hide from life, yet the support of Melissa has helped me to open again."

I feel hopeful now. Melissa creates a flow, a curiosity that totally supports me and honours me where I’m at. She helps me piece things together for my life in a way I couldn’t do on my own. I appreciate her presence, and how she dives in to this exploration with me. I truly feel her alongside me and how deeply supportive that is. I’ve recently wanted to hide from life, yet the support of Melissa has helped me to open again. To feel like I can be in the world as a more resilient version of myself.

– CH.

"I no longer see my other therapist as I feel the progress and revelations I have from sessions with Melissa is perfect for me."

Having access to listen to the body has taken me to depths I haven’t been with talk therapy. I’ve been blown away. I consistently feel more at home in my body, less chatter in my mind, and more security in myself after a session. I feel like I am learning so much about how to better know and care for myself and regulate myself in my day to day life. I no longer see my other therapist as I feel the progress, revelations, and feeling of wellbeing I have from sessions with Melissa is perfect for me.

– LP.

"I’ve told so many friends about my experience with Melissa. If you’re on the fence, just reach out!"

My struggles and stress shows up so often in my life. Somatic therapy has helped me to understand it better. Melissa guides me to feel more settled, and find my way through it. I can see a brighter future. Melissa helps me to feel so comfortable in the process! I didn’t realize the tension I was carrying through my life. I feel a bit softer, and like I can move forward with more ease. I’ve told so many friends about my experience with Melissa. If you’re on the fence, just reach out! It’s been amazing.

– MS.

Here's how we can work together:

Frequently Asked:

Somatic therapy places a focus on how your body holds trauma, experiences, and patterns. While most talk therapy places emphasis on our mind’s understanding of our experiences, somatic therapy puts a focus on how our body holds the memory, and supports it from that lens.

Somatic therapy gets to the core of our imprints, from childhood experiences, to later adulthood. It’s transformative for those sticky patterns that won’t seem to budge, no matter how much mental understanding you may have around it.

My approach emphasizes creating a safe and supportive environment. I’ll walk along side you as we navigate together. LGTBQA2S++ and BIPOC clients warmly welcomed.

Somatic therapy is not reiki or energy healing. It’s a legitimate, evidence-based psychotherapy modality.

I’m a Counsellor through Rhodes College, and am currently continuing my studies to be registered under ACCT. I’ve trained in Relational Somatic Therapy through Mariah Moser which greatly impacts my work. I’m also a registered yoga teacher and passionately weave mindfulness into my practice.

I live in qathet (Powell River), BC, Canada. My sessions happen over Zoom so you can live anywhere in the world. If you do live in qathet, we may be able to arrange in person sessions.